Meyerfeld Lewin: Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry to Meet Future Challenges

Meyerfeld Lewin: Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry to Meet Future Challenges

New energy futures report released by Meyerfeld Lewin Research Division


Meyerfeld Lewin, a Premier Trading and Clearing Broker in the Asia Pacific that has a trading memberships with all major exchanges throughout the world, is pleased to announce that it has released a new Energy futures report outlying that oil and gas firms need to expand their focus beyond short-term issues such as tumbling oil prices and over supply if they are to successfully navigate the growing range of disruptive forces that will shape the industry.

Tom Hsin-chi, Meyerfeld Lewin’s Strategy Oil and Gas Leader, commented: “While, for understandable reasons, the current depressed oil price dominated the headlines, it’s also important to look beyond that to consider what forces are shaping the future of the industry. US shale supply has contributed substantially to the current position – what other disruptors does the sector face?

“Global demand for affordable, reliable energy will continue to grow for the foreseeable future, but there is a new longer-term backdrop, as the world transitions to a low carbon system. Momentum to replace fossil fuels with cleaner energy sources is steadily building up, and oil and gas companies need to consider their futures in this context.

The New Energy Futures report proposes a framework that could help companies successfully navigate an increasingly complex and volatile global market over the next five to fifteen years. The framework evaluates four potential futures, where the level of disruption and the pace of change fluctuate:

  • The oil and gas sector evolves along current lines with limited government intervention.
  • Demand from energy consumers (retail & commercial) for cleaner energy drives the transition towards a low carbon world resulting in significant private investment in low carbon technologies.
  • Supply constraints are triggered through direct government action, such as implementing carbon legislation or withholding licenses, or geopolitical disruption.


About Meyerfeld Lewin

Meyerfeld Lewin is a Premier Trading and Clearing Broker in the Asia Pacific Region. Our memberships with all major exchanges throughout the world complements our current brokerage capabilities to cater to the diverse trading needs of our clients, regardless of retail, high-net-worth, corporate, institutional, proprietary, hedge funds or high-frequency traders. Meyerfeld Lewin provides trading access to a comprehensive suite of products including, Commodities, Futures and Options Bullion, Over-the-counter (OTC) Derivatives and Leveraged Foreign Exchange on all major exchanges in the world. The company also provides professional traders with a trading arcade equipped with state-of-the-art technology, fast, stable and low latency connectivity through leased lines to global exchanges.



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