BM-Finance is Selling a Cutting Edge Sustainable Home in the 14th Arrondissment of Paris that brings Green Living to a New Level of Innovation

With a present day and smooth plan, La Maison 14 is involved a sum of seven levels – six stories of living territory and an extra underground floor containing a pool. The house was fastidiously composed with different superior specialized frameworks that work to spare the ideal measure of vitality, in this manner guaranteeing a cutting edge and capable way of life.

The house is furnished with a Building Administration Framework (BMS), a self-mechanized framework that controls essential parts of the home; lighting, alerts, the swimming pool, and in particular, the warming and cooling ventilation is balanced naturally with this framework through geothermal vitality edits. Likewise, there is a Vitality Recuperation Ventilation (EVR) framework which cleans and reuses air from the swimming pool, in this manner making a consistent stream of clean air without the loss of warm solace.

The reusing proceeds with sun powered boards that work to transform light vitality into warmth, making household water warming. The house is additionally furnished with water gathering frameworks that gather rain water through the patio floors to then flood the encompassing trees and finishing, and to give water to the homes plumbing framework.

BM-Back is a Paris-based property speculation firm, which has practical experience in property interests in Viager and great land properties all through France. La Maison 14 is as of now recorded available to be purchased on the BM site; contact Benjamin Mabille for data on this posting.

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