Selfies, Stageplays And Books – Dr Barbara Becker Holstein Announces Staged Performance Of ‘The Locket’ In Manhattan On May 20, 2015

What do selfies, stageplays and books have in like manner? They every stop a minute in time and give us a look into the lives of other people. Notwithstanding bearing or rationale, each of them, in their own specific manner, can give trust, development, inspiration or maybe just amusement. In her work as a Positive Clinician, Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein utilizes every one of them as instructing apparatuses. She helps teenagers and tweens build up a positive mental self portrait through her books, produces proficient recordings on subjects, (for example, selfies) that are essential to this age bunch and, if all that is insufficient, has a play underway.

The play perusing, titled ‘The Memento’, will be exhibited May 20, 2015 in Manhattan. The perusing will be coordinated by Bounce Angelini. Some of Bounce’s coordinating credits include: NYC: Murrow, (Writers Organization, Phoenix Theater Troupe), Fourth Condition of Matter (Theater/New City), The Journal of Anne Candid (Alexrod PAC and Murrow (Theater Extend). Weave is an individual from the On-screen character’s Value Affiliation, The Stage Executives and Choreographers Society, Droop/AFTRA and the NY Shakespeare Society. He is as of now the between time Masterful Executive of Amendment Theater in Asbury Stop, N. J.

The cast incorporates:

* Ashley Griffin as the Lady – ( Most understood as the maker of the popular culture marvel “Everlastingly Deadward,” Ashley has performed on and off Broadway and additionally in L.A., Chicago, and the UK. She is as of now playing Rosalind in A.N.O.N Creations “As You Like It” in NYC, and will perform in show at 54 Underneath June thirteenth.

* Cassidy Terracciano as the Young lady – (Cassidy has played Elle Woods in ‘Lawfully Blonde’, Sally Smith in ‘Me and My Young lady’. also, Anne Plain in ‘The Journal of Anne Honest’).

* Shereen Hickman as the Pixie Adoptive parent – (Shereen is known for her work with Cirque du Soleil as the female jokester in three of Cirques preparations).

* Chris Kateff as the Spouse and Storyteller – (Chris as of late played in ‘Each Christmas Story Ever Told – To say the very least’).

‘The Memento’ is the tale of a lady, got in a conjugal battle and lost her feeling of self. She is stirred by a surprising association with her girlhood self in the wake of discovering her journal and her a unique memento with a mystery, all upgraded by getting together with a Pixie Adoptive parent. Enchantment, sentiment, insight, trust and the acknowledgment that it is constantly best to be consistent with your self turn out to be clear messages in ‘The Memento’.

“From Shakespeare to ‘The Memento’, the best plays are particularly similar to selfies,” Dr Holstein expressed. “A decent Shakespearean play has inside it the parts of identity and predicament that exist for practically everybody. Similarly, ‘The Memento’ has inside it so a large number of the issues and issues that young ladies and afterward young ladies as ladies face. Selfies are famous in light of the fact that we as a whole get a kick out of the chance to record and share our lives. We have to feel extraordinary and exceptional but then in the meantime share our human condition. The selfie is the most straightforward way that has gone along. A decent selfie reestablishes our feeling of self and prosperity as we chuckle, share or potentially cry over the photos we are sending and additionally gathering. Selfies are the stories of our lives: our ventures, babies, school days, relational unions, kinship, retirement, loss, recharging. As is a decent play. It elevates us, conveys us to tears, fills us with energy and trust, gives us mettle to go on and reminds us over and over that we are remarkable but our we are in the meantime, somehow, one with every other person. I trust ‘The Memento’ takes the gathering of people to those spots. Also, it is ameliorating to return home to reality that children truly do have a ton of shrewdness and comprehension about the world. In ‘The Memento’, the enchanted show of the theater conveys us nearer to the old enchantment of youth that we as a whole once comprehended and were a piece of, while drawing us into the genuine dramatizations that grown-ups confront and need to at present resolve, without rushing too much.”

This is the third stage perusing of Reality, the initial two occurred in Asbury Stop, New Jersey to rave surveys. Remarks included:

” Great delineation of a young lady’s voyage through youth.”

“This play helps grown-ups see how kids feel. For instance, the amount they are harmed by guardians battling.”

“The Memento relates to tweens and high schoolers and the issues they confront.”

“An exceptionally engaging excursion a lady takes from saw emergency to mindfulness to strengthening through re-living her past.”

“An abnormal yet required endeavor at portraying the advancement of young ladies to adulthood that is seldom considered.”

“The Memento is a convincing preview of the narrative of a regular lady’s life.”

“The Memento is a warm suggestion to young ladies and ladies to respect the truths in their souls.”

“The play is an extraordinary indication of our identity and why we think and carry on the way we do.”

‘The Memento’, will be introduced May 20, 2015 at 6:30 PM, in Manhattan. In the event that you might want a welcome reach us at: 732-925-2269 or Dr. Holstein is accessible for media meets and can be achieved utilizing the data beneath or by email at Every last bit of her works are accessible at Amazon, Barnes and Honorable and all other online retailers. More data is accessible at her site at

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, globally known Positive Clinician is the maker of The Captivated Self , a positive brain research strategy for satisfaction. She is in private practice in Long Branch, New Jersey with her significant other, Dr. Russell M. Holstein.

Dr. Barbara can be found on the web, talked with, composing articles and posting video “TED” style chats on Bliss, Positive Brain research, Connections and Child rearing.

She has been a giver to Complete self, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Redbook, Genuine Basic, The Money Road Diary, Time on line, the Today Show and Family Circle Magazine.

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