VELUX Introduces Light Shaft Lining Kit For Skylight Installations

VELUX America is presenting an instant bay window lining pack that takes into account speedier, less demanding, hermetically sealed culmination of the establishment of deck mounted sky facing windows on vaulted roofs. As indicated by Ross Vandermark, national item director, the pre-assembled unit gets rid of the requirement for drywall spackling, sanding and painting and works with all “container” sort light shafts (not flared).

“The unit is pre-assembled,” Vandermark says, “and the installer require just gather the embellishment, introduce mounting clasps to the sky facing window drywall furrow, measure and slice boards to the best possible profundity and join to the trim, adjust the collected light shaft to mounting clasps and fit properly.” The packs are evaluated at $225 to $250 contingent upon the extent of the sky facing window being introduced.

“This will be a win for both the installer and the property holder,” Vandermark says,” with the installer encountering lessened introduce time and multifaceted nature while maintaining a strategic distance from exorbitant defers that occasionally happen when planning occupations between tradesmen. This will bring about property holders getting faster and cleaner finish of the occupation with less interruption to their calendars.”

VELUX sun based controlled natural air sky facing windows, alongside sun based fueled blinds, and also the establishment expenses, are qualified for a 30 percent Government charge credit. Visit for points of interest and access to a simple to-utilize government impose credit estimator for either new development or substitution establishments.

VELUX is a Vitality STAR accomplice and has been perceived as an Accomplice of the Year. For additional, visit or

VELUX is the world pioneer in bay windows and rooftop windows and is one of the most grounded brands in the worldwide building materials division. VELUX America items are accessible across the nation through home focuses, building material providers, lumberyards, and free entryway, window, or material retailers. Customers can find nearby providers and installers, and get to data on sky facing window determination and the advantages of bringing more common light and outside air into the home by calling 1-800-283-2831 or going to or A Sky facing window Organizer Application is additionally accessible to help mortgage holders to picture sky facing windows, room by room, in their own particular homes.

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