American Wine Society Announces 2016 National Tasting Project, Featuring Rhone Rangers Wines

The country’s most seasoned and biggest association of wine customers reported today the wines that have been decided for tasting in 2016 for the American Wine Society’s National Tasting venture. All wines are from wineries that are individuals from the Rhone Officers, a non-benefit association whose individuals create American-developed Rhone-varietal wines. These include: Anglim Winery, Bonny Doon Vineyard, Cass Winery, Derby Wine Domains, Guyomar Wine Basements, Horton Vineyards, Kita Wines, Kukkula, Michael-David Vineyards, Pax Mahle Wines, Sculpterra Winery, Summerwood Winery, Tablas Brook Vineyard and Thirty-Seven Wines.

Consistently, American Wine Society individuals will hold section gatherings at part homes, and in addition eateries and different scenes, to taste the wines incorporated into the National Tasting Venture portfolio. The portfolio has been composed into two levels, including whites and reds at lower and higher value focuses. For an entire rundown of the wines included please observe:

“The National Tasting Venture manages our individuals an instructive chance to taste wine and take in more about it. We are excited to highlight American Rhone wines this year. By working with the Rhone Officers association we can offer our individuals a wide choice of single assortments and mixes and in addition both reds and whites” said John Hames, Official Chief of the American Wine Society. “We are regarded that the American Wine Society has requested that the Rhone Officers join forces with them on the National Tasting Venture. Their emphasis on American Rhone wines will help general society find and appreciate these wines all the time, which satisfies the mission for our association,” expressed Barbara Smith, President of the Leading group of the Rhone Officers. The National Tasting Venture commences in January when individuals from the American Wine Society will start requesting wines for their part tasting occasions. For more data please visit

About the American Wine Society

Established in 1967, the American Wine Society (AWS) is the biggest shopper based association in the U.S. committed to advancing wine thankfulness through training. AWS is a non-benefit association of more than 5,000 wine lovers, from learner to master, in increasingly that 140 sections all through the U.S. Participation is interested in any grown-up keen on wine. To take in more, visit us online at:

About the Rhone Officers

The Rhone Officers are a gathering of about 150 wineries committed to making wines from the 22 grape assortments initially made popular in France’s Rhone Valley. These assortments go from the better-known Syrah and Viognier to the exceptional Grenache, Mourvedre and Roussanne, to cloud (however delightful) grapes like Counoise and Picpoul. To take in more, visit us online at:

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