The US-German Solar Power Company “S&T SOLAR POWER HOLDING, LLC” Sets to Raise First Goal of $500,000.00 US Dollar through the Crowd-funding Platform

The US-GERMAN Sun oriented POWER Organization “S&T Sunlight based POWER HOLDING, LLC” reported today that it is propelling a seed round financing effort utilizing the crowdfunding stage successful June 08, 2016. The organization is focusing to raise up to US$10,000,000 for the advancement of ground mounts incorporated photovoltaic frameworks in Turkey. The primary objective is $500,000.00 USD.

The organization is to produce sun oriented power with an attention on ground mounts coordinated photovoltaic frameworks. They are always searching for new open doors over numerous administrative administrations that are at various periods of combination in the alluring, quickly extending worldwide sun based market. Their basic technique and situating is basic: keep a topographically adaptable, exceedingly gifted group, which will permit them to profit by open doors as they emerge and be unconstrained by local outskirts. Also, they target stable administrative structure advertises and stay committed to their center conviction that no single innovation will win in the sunlight based market amid the close term, which obliges them to remain innovatively unconstrained. They trust in reality as we know it where the cost of sunlight based power is less expensive than fossil fills, and the eventual fate of sun based power is boundless.

An aggregate of 1.6 billion individuals around the globe are without access to power. With the smart PV frameworks of their EPC Temporary worker GruenPuls GmbH, Hopscheider Weg 46 in D-42555 Velbert, Germany it is conceivable to create clean sunlight based power in each nation on the planet. By utilizing these frameworks, it is conceivable to rapidly set up nearby power supplies that can produce and store power totally freely.

They offer a TURN-KEY Bundle with an execution proportion certification of up to 84% for all power plant pieces. They consider the interest in a sun powered power plant situated in close of the “Lake Atatuerk Dam/Southeastern Anatolia/Turkey”, with a proclaimed net limit of 566 MW for more than 80,000 4-man family units.

The power delivered by the power plant might be sold to a Turkish vitality supplier on the premise of a long haul control buy assention (PPA).

The Market:

Turkey’s significance in the vitality showcase develops as a local travel center point given its area between the oil rich Center East, Caspian district, and Europe. Turkey is the home of the Bosporus and Dardanelles interfacing the Dark Ocean to the Mediterranean. Other than turning into a developing travel center, Turkey is additionally a noteworthy vitality advertise itself with a quickly developing interest for vitality. Turkey is the seventeenth greatest economy on the planet by Gross domestic product. As per the Turkish Service of Vitality and Normal Assets (MENR), the interest for vitality has been developing by 5.7% yearly by and large in the most recent 12 years and is relied upon to develop by around 6% every year until 2020.

The expansion of interest is required to be fundamentally determined by the power era area, which depends exceptionally on imported normal gas. Turkey’s vitality procedure for 2015-2019 spotlights on securing the vitality supply for the coming years, diminishing the reliance on imported vitality sources and enhancing vitality effectiveness. So as to stay aware of the expanding request, Turkey needs to put more in power, characteristic gas, and, renewable vitality. Turkey has an introduced control era limit of 69,681 MW with an anticipated limit of 100 GW by 2023.

In spite of the fact that the share of the renewable vitality is still moderately low in the general Turkish vitality showcase, it has been on an expansion in the most recent decade subsequently of Turkey’s technique for discovering elective vitality assets. Turkey passed new laws boosting the interests in renewable vitality, for example, giving assessment exclusions, higher sustain in levy, and land use charge impetuses. Turkey expects to expand the power era limit fueled by renewable assets to 61,000 MW by 2023, with the dominant part of ventures being arranged in wind and hydroelectric activities.

Turkey’s normal yearly aggregate daylight span is 2640 hours; a sum of 7.2 hours for every day, with a normal aggregate radiation power of 1,311 kWh/m2 every year, day by day add up to 3.6kWh/m2. Turkey has the mind blowing potential to create a normal of 1,100kWh for every square meter.

This makes Turkey the second best nation in Europe after Spain as far as sunlight based power speculation potential.


S&T Sun based POWER HOLDING, LLC arrangements to infiltrate the market by investigating promoting systems with the ability to wholesomely advise potential customers, online group, financial specialists and industry players about S&T Sun based POWER HOLDING, LLC’s items. All the more along these lines, the administration group’s introduction to a bigger social, business and corporate system will make mindfulness about the organization’s mechanical items utilizing the best promoting instruments accessible today.

Strategies like informal exchange and direct offering will be the best advertising instruments. Moreover, the use of web based showcasing and promoting will be central, as it gives a financially savvy, simple to utilize approach to achieve potential customers all inclusive. These adverts will achieve center customers and make a single tick door to divert planned clients towards S&T Sun powered POWER HOLDING, LLC.

The organization additionally plans to use conventional promoting systems that work best with its operational model. There will be an attention on genuine publicizing including live media and appropriation of limited time materials to target markets. The web-based social networking will likewise be utilized as a key apparatus towards showcasing and to spread data about its offerings to potential customers. The utilization of key stages, for example, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will make mindfulness about the organization’s business exercises to potential customers and it is normal that the online networking will help the organization’s image to develop exponentially.

Money related Arrangement:

S&T Sun oriented POWER HOLDING, LLC first objective is looking to bring Seed-Capital up in the measure of $10,000,000.00 by means of Value Crowdfunding for the venture’s execution. After the fruitful Value Crowdfunding the organization will apply for 144a Corporate Security Financing. S&T Sunlight based POWER HOLDING, LLC Restricted means to utilize the store principally for capital consumptions, operations, extension and staffing costs. Remaining assets will be utilized for regulatory and general working capital needs.

Potential investor(s) will partake in the expanded valuation of the Organization as income develops, monetary record gets to be distinctly more grounded and the Organization accomplishes a market authority position. The professional forma projections demonstrate that the business will have adequate abundance money to cover operations ought to deals not appear as fast as arranged. In conjunction with financial specialists, S&T Sunlight based POWER HOLDING, LLC’s administration group will seek after practical leave systems once the Organization achieves a minimum amount. Administration trusts that it has the ability to accomplish an alluring result for all shareholders in the venture.


Hans-Wolfgang Trautman, President and Chief

Mr. Hans-Wolfgang Trautman, has broad authority encounter & aptitudes. He has held administration positions at trans-o-flex and Lo-go, Lo-Go Conveyance Benefit GmbH & Co., KG Draisst. 3. He was likewise the Chief Trans-o-flex Convey Benefit AG and has filled in as Coordinations Director of Heinz Rausch Trucking Organization and Union Transport Undertakings.

Mr. Werner H. Schmees, VP, CFO and Business Advancement

Mr. Werner H. Schmees works is an Alum of the European Administration Foundation Frankfurt, Germany and has a Dynamic Deals Advertising Declaration from Osnabrueck, Germany. He has great relational abilities because of years of experience managing customers in advertising, counseling, and administration industry.

Mr. Henrik Schmees, Chief, company and additionally a client benefit strategy

Henrik Schmees Moved on from Buckhoff & Surholtschule, Class 10A Emsdetten, Germany, he was the a Group Pioneer in Labor-Gemeinschaft-Nord-West Emsdetten, Germany then Division Head in Laborgemeinschaft-Nord-West schuttorf, Germany.

Mr. Jens Trautmann, Executive, Support, Security & Housekeeping

Jens Trautmann fills in as a Free Business Craftsman. He has an Ace of Expressions (Mama) College Degree in History of Craftsmanship and Instructive Sciences. He has a fabulous correspondence and relationship building abilities increased through broad experience as occasion chief and instructor/teacher

Mrs. Christine Trautmann, Chief, Bookkeeping and HR

Christine Trautmann is an alum of The Ohio State College. She was the Administration Learner at Big business Lease An Auto Dublin, Ohio, USA. She was Deals Advisor Carmax Auto Superstore Columbus, Ohio, USA. She has Sound interpersonal correspondence and initiative aptitudes.

Mr. Martin Schmees, Chief & Office Director

Money related arranging, record keeping & charging, faculty. Mr. Martin Schmees is an Autonomous Specialist, before that; he was the Lesser Chief Deutsche Post AG Greven, Germany. Great Correspondence, administration, and critical thinking are his extraordinary elements

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