Breath Taking Book by Author T.J. Chester Tells Story of A Young Woman’s Pain and Struggle for Truth

The New Dark Stimulation reports the arrival of its most recent novel, “Effie” by prestigious writer and screenwriter T. J. Chester. Presently out on Amazon, “Effie” takes after the voyage of one lady’s agony and battle to discover reality.

This amazing book is an awful story of a young lady made up for lost time in a cycle of demolition that lone she has the ability to break. At the young age of nineteen, Effie Jones encounters a traumatic set back that modifies her life and gets things under way. Following seven years of immaculate misery, she and her closest companion Paige set out set for find what was taken from Effie when she was a high schooler.

Propelled by the creator’s very own misery and battle, Effie addresses a large portion of those minutes, as T.J. clarifies how they breathed life into Effie, “When I began composing this book, I was in a genuine place. Effie’s voice would not abandon me, so I needed to permit her to live. I was to a great degree discouraged, and Effie was a result of that. Effie was the minor picture of me as a person at the time. I spilled out everything that I was feeling into Effie; it was my method for managing my condition. Indeed, even I have been shocked by a portion of the spots she took me,” says T.J. Chester.

One of six books composed by T.J. Chester, “Effie”, conveys a much milder side from the creators coarse set of three, “Running With Wolves”, as T.J. investigates a mother’s boundless love and wild tirelessness to join with the child she never knew. It is a trip that takes some dull ways and powers Effie, bolstered by her devoted sister companions, to settle on some hard decisions.

A local of Indiana, T.J. Chester moved to Atlanta in 2014 to seek after her energy as a writer and screenwriter. Propelled by her fans, she trusts that 2015 will be her year for conveying captivating and dynamic urban characters to a much bigger group of onlookers.

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