Alan Sheffield From Georgia Recognized with Elijah Watt Sells Award for CPA Examination Performance

The American Foundation of CPAs (AICPA) has perceived Alan Sheffield (Georgia) as champ of the 2014 Elijah Watt Offers Grant.

The honor is gave to applicants who have gotten an aggregate normal score over 95.50 over each of the four segments of the Uniform CPA Examination, passed every one of the four areas of the Examination on their first endeavor and finished testing in 2014. A sum of 91,384 people sat for the Examination in 2014, with 60 hopefuls meeting the criteria to get the Elijah Watt Offers Grant.

“Perceiving the massive ability and exertion required to accomplish one of the top CPA exam scores in the condition of Georgia, Allow Thornton observes Alan Sheffield’s exceptionally noteworthy achievement! We are glad to have this brilliant, youthful expert as a feature of the Give Thornton group and anticipate sharing numerous more victories amid Alan’s vocation,” said Michael C. Stokke, Atlanta office overseeing accomplice, Allow Thornton LLP.

Alan is an alum of the College of Georgia with a Lone ranger of Business Organization and an Ace of Bookkeeping. He is an individual from The Georgia Society of CPAs and as of now utilized with Give Thornton in Atlanta.

“For the benefit of The Georgia Society, I might want to offer my congrats on being a beneficiary of the 2014 Elijah Watt Offers Grant. Passing every one of the four segments of the CPA exam on the primary attempt is no little deed, and having one of the most astounding scores in the nation is out and out a huge achievement,” said GSCPA Chief, Boyd Look.

The Elijah Watt Offers Grant program was built up by the AICPA in 1923 to perceive extraordinary execution on the CPA Examination.

“The CPA Examination, alongside training and experience prerequisites, guarantees that exclusive qualified people with the learning and aptitudes to assume a part in securing the general population premium acquire the CPA permit,” said Michael Decker, AICPA VP of examinations. “In the interest of the AICPA, I might want to salute the victors of the current year’s Elijah Watt Offers Grant for their extraordinary execution on the CPA Examination.”

Offers, one of the primary CPAs in the Assembled States, was dynamic in the foundation of the AICPA and assumed a key part propelling proficient training inside the calling.

For more data on the Uniform CPA Examination, visit A rundown of past champs is accessible on the web.


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