Sustainable Omega-3 EPA Cultivated by PlanktonHolland


Our Marine Phytoplankton Green growth are developing consistently in 130,000 years of age briny Primordial Water, just 90 meters underneath the nursery, securely stowed away amid the Ice Age until further notice. Ensured immaculate and the cream of the harvest for the vegetable nutritious miniaturized scale Green growth.

The Green growth utilize close to the regular light and no warming, other than just amid the winter months so that the Green growth does not solidify. The quick natural process, the moving condition and the whole group has the supreme effect.

Immaculate Vegetarian

The entire vegetable piece of the Marine Phytoplankton delivered by PlanktonHolland is described by a blend of one of a kind qualities which can’t be found in some other nourishment item. Additionally, as of now from the earliest starting point of the advancement of our planet is microscopic fish at the base of the evolved way of life.

Our Marine Phytoplankton Green growth is a proper dietary supplement for the individuals who favor a vegetable item above fish oil and creature protein.


Our supplements contain no less than 60 common building pieces including fundamental amino acids [40%] and Omega-3 phospholipid EPA unsaturated fats, cell reinforcements as unique colors and substantially more.

Contrasted with other small scale Green growth, our Green growth contains an abnormal state of the basic unsaturated fat EPA. This Omega-3 phospholipid isn’t found in whatever other veggie lover source. The bioavailability and the organic viably of this EPA-oil is exceptional.

Taste Sensation

The Marine Phytoplankton Green growth has the alleged Umami taste, additionally alluded to as the fifth taste, other than salty, sweet, severe and acrid. To add the wonderful PlanktonHolland Green growth to different fixings their flavor will be reinforced. As a result of the high oil substance of the Marine Phytoplankton Green growth, it has a slight aroma of marine.

Everything can be joined with the delectable PlanktonHolland items, you decide your own particular taste sensation to include your most loved flavor. What do you consider lime, strawberry, raspberry, banana or mango with as an extra walnuts or hazelnuts. Likewise chocolate is anything but difficult to join with the wonderful PlanktonHolland, especially right?

Violet Glas Bundling

Since we bend over backward to spare the earth, we now offer our supplements in extraordinary Miron violet glass, which is customarily known for its additive qualities.

This bundling guarantees the nature of our items which are touchy to light, dampness and warmth, as our everything characteristic dietary supplements.

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