Pay-O-Matic Joins Forces with The Western Union Foundation to Fund Scholarships for Local Students

Pay-O-Matic, New York’s biggest and most advantageous check casher, has collaborated with The Western Union Establishment to present grants to understudies in the group. The WU+Pay-O-Matic Researchers Program gives $2,500 grants to understudies seeking after school/college degrees identified with science, innovation, building, arithmetic, or business/enterprise.

Pay-O-Matic is contributing two $2,500 grants, and The Western Union Establishment is coordinating the gift dollar-for-dollar, for a sum of four $2,500 grants.

“These grants will be introduced to promising understudies assigned by our clients,” said Jay Guskind, President and Chief of Pay-O-Matic. “We’re extremely satisfied to make an interest in the effective eventual fate of understudies from our group.”

The WU+Pay-O-Matic Researchers Program advances think about in the science, innovation, building and arithmetic (STEM) fields and business/enterprise since youngsters who seek after vocations in these fields are frequently ready to enhance their work openings and procuring potential after some time.

“Better instruction today prompts better work openings tomorrow,” noted Guskind. “The WU+Pay-O-Matic Researchers Program is established on that idea.”

A WU+Pay-O-Matic Researcher encapsulates the accompanying qualities:

– Perseverance- – Epitomize the assurance to accomplish their instructive objectives in spite of difficulties or hindrances

– Aspiration- – Endeavor to better themselves to better the world, considering vocation ways for popular, 21st century professions

– Community-Disapproved – Plan to improve the world a place as worldwide nationals and group pioneers

“Pay-O-Matic is a dynamic and contributing individual from the groups our stores serve,” said Guskind. “Perceiving and supporting understudies who represent these qualities will help make our groups more grounded.”

About The Western Union Establishment

The Western Union Establishment is committed to making a superior world, where the capacity to acknowledge dreams through monetary open door is not only a benefit for the few but rather a privilege for all. Through its mark program, Instruction for Better, and with the support of The Western Union Organization, its representatives, Specialists, and business accomplices, The Western Union Establishment attempts to understand this vision by supporting training and catastrophe help endeavors as pathways toward a superior future. Our consolidated social endeavors improve life for people, families and groups the world over. The Western Union Establishment has paid more than $111 million in beneficent giving since origin in 2001. These assets have been promised in more than 138 nations and regions. The Western Union Establishment is a different 501(c)(3) perceived Joined States philanthropy. To take in more, visit, or Tail us on Twitter @TheWUFoundation.

Pay-O-Matic is New York’s biggest supplier of check changing administrations, dealing with more than 19 million exchanges every year. Established in 1958, Pay-O-Matic has developed to 150 stores all through the New York metropolitan region, with 51 areas in Brooklyn, 42 stores in the Bronx, 33 areas in Rulers, 20 stores in Manhattan and four areas on Long Island. Pay-O-Matic areas offer check getting the money for and an arrangement of helpful administrations including charge installments, cash exchanges, cash orders and prepaid platinum cards. Pay-O-Matic is an area budgetary administrations supplier and a glad individual from the group. For more data, visit

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