Sea Goddess Whale Watching Announces New Monterey Bay Whale Watching Excursions Departing From Moss Landing, CA

Ocean Goddess Whale Viewing, the most current Monterey Sound whale watching organization, declares the dispatch of new whale watching journeys withdrawing from Greenery Landing, CA. Ocean Goddess Whale Watching offers Monterey Inlet guests and inhabitants the epic experience of getting very close with the absolute most great animals on earth – ensured.

Despite the fact that there are a few whale watching organizations withdrawing from Greenery Landing, Ocean Goddess Whale Viewing has the most unblemished vessel with one of the top naturalists in all of Monterey Sound. With a recently revamped vessel, the 65 foot Ocean Goddess with a limit of up to 93 travelers, is an all wood, overwhelming watercraft making for a more steady and agreeable ride highlighting an upscale inside.

Whale watching season on Monterey Straight happens year round as the whales come to sustain in the Monterey Submarine Gorge. It is the best place in the country to watch the breathtaking assorted qualities and plenitude of whales and dolphins alongside a noteworthy assortment of other marine warm blooded creatures and seabirds.

Relocating seasons include:

Mid-April through Mid-December: humpback whales, blue whales, dolphins and executioner whales.

Mid-December through Mid-April: dark whales, dolphins and executioner whales.

Ocean Goddess Whale Viewing withdraws from Greenery Landing, making it the ideal area at the mouth of the Monterey Submarine Gorge with a short separation to either Santa Clause Cruz or Monterey, wherever the whales might sustain for the day. Offering 2.5-3 hour outings, Ocean Goddess offers every day trips at 9:30 am, 12:30 pm, and 3:30 pm.

Highlights Include:

Communication with a portion of the top Monterey Narrows naturalists: Our naturalists make our journeys really instructive with progressing critique for spotting gushes, flukes, whale tails, whale practices and other ocean creatures including the cherished Monterey Sound ocean otters and dolphin cases.

Whale Locating Ensure: Ocean Goddess Whale Watching ensures a whale locating on each outing. In the event that a whale is not located, travelers will get their next trek free.

Perfect, agreeable vessel: Ocean Goddess gives strength to a more agreeable ride and guarantees all encompassing perspectives for everybody with a spotless restroom locally available.

Encounter: With more than 25 years encounter, our Commander and team know where to look and where to go to witness the relocation of a large number of dark, blue, and humpback whales through the straight.

Stopping: Not at all like trips leaving from Monterey or Santa Clause Cruz, Greenery Landing gives a lot of stopping to a low day by day rate of $7 and is found ideal alongside the docks.

Reservations are currently being acknowledged. For more data and to reserve a spot, please visit or call toll free (888) 507-0833.

Ocean Goddess Whale Watching offers whale viewing on Monterey Cove out of Greenery Arriving and also VIP contracts out of Monterey. With more than 25 years of involvement in Monterey Cove, our journeys are ideal for any age and event.

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