Newly Developed Material Fuels High-Voltage Capacitors from New Yorker Electronics

New Yorker Gadgets is presently disseminating clay capacitors with the new C48X Dielectric Material from Exxelia Advancements (ex-Eurofarad). These powerful capacitors have low warmth dispersal, making them appropriate for flying machine, protection and space.

The shiny new C48X material joins the vast majority of the upsides of NPO and X7R dielectrics, empowering the new high power and high recurrence clay capacitor range to give awesome steadiness in voltage. This disposes of the need to trade off amongst solidness and capacitance. They likewise convey high capacitance, incredible dispersal component and quick charge/release.

Contrasted with X7R material, C48X dielectric supplies a similar capacitance values under working voltage with the unrivaled favorable position of a low dispersal calculate (under 5.10-4). It can likewise withstand high dV/dt, up to 10kV/μs, which settles on it the arrangement of decision for heartbeat and quick charge/release applications or terminating units. Hence, capacitors with C48X dielectric seem, by all accounts, to be in a perfect world suited for power applications where warm dissemination might be negative to exhibitions and unwavering quality.

Driven by industry requests for scaling down, Exxelia Innovations’ capacitors in light of the C48X material have been produced from 200V to 5kV with chip sizes extending from 1812 to 16080, permitting a most extreme capacitance estimation of 10μF 200V (10 times more than with a NPO artistic). The standard stacked variants are proposed with a most extreme capacitance estimation of 47F 200V.

Many mounting designs are conceivable with either surface or through-gap mounting. All variants can be appropriate for space utilize and can be outlined keeping in mind the end goal to dodge any bristle development chance (10% min lead in all tin-lead combinations utilized). The presentation of the C48X territory in the EPPL (European Space Organization Favored Parts List) for space is in advance for sizes 0603 to 6560 from 100V to 1kV up to measure 1210 (and up to 5kV until the size 6560).

Highlights & Advantages:

– Withstands high dV/dt, up to 10kV/s

– low scattering element (under 5.10-4)

– Most extreme capacitance estimation of 10F 200V

– Surface or through-gap mounting


– 400Hz Flying machine

– Protection

– Space

– Exactness/sifting capacitance in thermally tested condition for air conditioning or DC voltage

New Yorker Hardware is an establishment merchant of Exxelia Eurofarad and conveys its full line of Film, Mica, Tantalum, Aluminum Electrolytics and Fired Capacitors and in addition its EMI/RFI Channels, Magnetics, Position Sensors, Slip Rings and Revolving Joints.

New Yorker Hardware is a guaranteed diversified wholesaler of electronic segments, understood for its full product offerings, extensive inventories and aggressive valuing since 1948. New Yorker Hardware is an AS9120 and ISO 9001:2015 affirmed wellspring of capacitors, resistors, semi-conductors, connectors, channels, inductors and that’s just the beginning, and works completely at elevated military and aviation execution levels. It likewise works in strict agreement with AS5553 and AS6496 norms – confirming that it has executed industry benchmarks into ordinary practices to ruin the expansion of fake parts. It is an individual from ECIA (Hardware Segment Industry Affiliation) and of ERAI (Electronic Affiliates Affiliation Universal).

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