NJMED Joins the Fight to Restore the Lives of Children in the Syrian Refugee Crisis

NJMED’s Reality Best 20 Venture is supporting nations in Europe, South America, North America and the Center East that are securing, a protected learning environment for kids and their families.

NJMED arrange calls for building up an emotionally supportive network for a system of associations, urban gatherings, and colleges in Europe, were a large number of outcasts that have overpowered European countries as they escape war-torn Syria. Help is expected to confront the genuine difficulties of incorporating these understudies and family into another dialect, culture and above all, social administrations from many have been damaged by war and other unforgiving encounters.

Beginning this month through May 2016, NJMED will work towards extending its system associations in Europe. NJMED’s first activity will concentrate on supporting Colleges in the reaction to the requirements of global NGOs like Specialists Without Fringes, the Worldwide Safeguard Board of trustees, Spare the Kids, and the UN High Official for Displaced people, to give apparel, sustenance, bottle water, and school supplies to understudies and relatives, at exile schools and group social bolster focuses.

NJMED’s Official Chief, Mr. Albert Mitchell stated, “We want to connection two thousand undergrads, their College’s People group connection’s areas of expertise, and previous former student with neighborhood NGOs working with the exiles. This is not another thing; we’ve been confronting the migration of kids for in the course of the most recent three years. It’s one of four of our real concentration endeavors of the World Main 20 Venture to guarantee each tyke can learn and create in a protected domain.”

With support from organizations like Google and web-based social networking stages, NJMED plans to set up an outline to bolster nations that take in exile youngsters and their families. For more data on how you can take an interest and, please visit support

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