Kiki Sanchez “Big Band Jazz Project”

Kiki Sanchez Reports the Arrival of the Single, “An excessive number of Notes”

The phenomenal maker, writer, arranger, and piano player Luis Enrique “Kiki” Sanchez has discharged “Excessively numerous Notes,” his most recent single and the primary track of the approaching “Kiki Sanchez Enormous Band Jazz Extend”, a venture including his courses of action and sytheses.

The hidden idea is the mix of bebop tune, current Cuban Timba beat and advancement of Afro-Peruvian Festejo, including multipercussionist Hugo Bravo on the Cajon, Batajones, Checo & Bass Cajon. Sanchez’ vision is to consolidate Peruvian Rhythms/instruments into Huge Band music style. The Album will likewise highlight more youthful performers from the Miami zone, a blend of players from the US, Peru, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Venezuela.

Highlighted on the collection are Edilio Bermudez (Bass), Subside Francis (Trumpet), Jorge Dobal (Trombones), Ismael Vergara (Saxes), Reinier Guerra (Drums), Daniel Berroa (Percussion), and Hugo Bravo (Afro-Peruvian Percussion)

Sanchez has been a key giver to three Grammy-named CD’s:

“Overwhelmed” by Frankie Marcus, highlighting Arturo Sandoval. Sanchez modified Consoles and played piano. (All inclusive Music)

“La Onda Latina”, Frankie Marcus and Mists was assigned for Best Conventional Tropical Collection where Kiki orchestrated, customized, and recorded piano. (Estreno Computerized), “Back to Essential” from Edwin Bonilla (Gloria Estefan’s percussionist) where Kiki formed, masterminded and recorded the piano on the track titled “Descarga Para El Bailador” (SonicProject Records)

Kiki has performed in a few Jazz Celebrations, for example, Montreux, St. Lucia, Grenada, Ohio Jazz and Rib and others. He has additionally been the music chief for “Noches Tropicales” Jazz arrangement at Miami Dade Province Assembly hall.

He has been doing music centers and workshops in the States and abroad. He is presently a Music educator at Miami Dade School and has been showing music innovation courses at Palm Shoreline Atlantic College also.


Areas where “An excessive number of Notes” can be listened:

iTunes: much notes-single/id1118539919



WAV record on Google Drive:

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