Author Katherine Wynter Releases New Fantasy Novel, ‘Hunt For The Lost Raven: Reaper Legacy, Book One’

Katherine Wynter, writer of particular artistic fiction and dream, has reported the arrival of her most recent dream novel, ‘Chase for the Lost Raven: Gatherer Legacy, Book One’. A proficient ace of her specialty, Katherine Wynter assembles dreamlands inhabited with trustworthy characters and complex societies. Her unique, dim works are enamoring.

Think there is just the same old thing new to expound on beasts and evil spirits? Reconsider. Wynter deftly strolls the razor’s edge amongst reality and fiction to create awesome works that are bolting, convincing, and, most importantly, credible.

In ‘Chase for the Lost Raven,’ Lilianna Raven longs for the day she can cruise away on one of the rich skyships that exchange with her remote isle. Before she finds the opportunity, in any case, her town is assaulted by Gatherers – a homicidal roaming individuals known for taking what they need and slaughtering any individual who remains in their direction. Her flight from the Harvesters takes her over the coasting isles of the Sundered Domains by means of an old arrangement of passages accepted annihilated in the Breaking.

Chasing Lili is the savage Skipper Kyralynn Ranise, little girl of the Collector Winged serpent Master. Be that as it may, she’s not the only one. A hostage mage, equal Collector groups, and even the divine beings themselves compete for the mystery Lili’s dad depended her with protection.

“I composed this book out of a longing to pit two extremely inverse, yet solid, ladies against each other and see what happened. Will they murder each other? Help each other? Alternately will it be commonly guaranteed devastation? I can hardly wait to discover.”

Katherine Wynter is a productive author. Her different works incorporate ‘Power outage’, an interesting zombie story set in a tragic Chicago where time everlasting is an infusion away and ‘Arousing, the Manager Narratives Book 1’, a hot urban dream in which the main thing more smoking than the sustenance are the charming beacon bed-n-breakfast’s baffling visitors. ‘Manager Narratives: Arousing’, a urban dream novel, was chosen as an INDIEFAB Book of the Year Finalist in dream.

Wynter has gotten extravagant acclaim from industry analysts. K.C. Finn of Perusers’ Most loved expressed, “In case you’re searching for a convincing urban dream read with a rich plot, sentiment and riddle, then look no more distant than Arousing.” Independently publishing Audit stated, “A frightening and epic story to excite urban dream fans from a capable narrator…” Foreword Clarion Surveys expressed, “Urban dream fans will discover exceptional and captivating characters in this thrilling story…In a kind that is over and over again swarmed with defanged vampires and misjudged beasts, this book concentrates on the dull and alarming side of evil presences.”

A late meeting with Katherine Wynter is accessible on The Creators Demonstrate site at

Katherine Wynter is accessible for media meets and can be achieved utilizing the data beneath or by email at Every last bit of her works are accessible at Amazon and other online book retailers. More data is accessible at her site at

Katherine Wynter began to look all starry eyed at the frightfulness and dream classifications at a youthful age, stowing away in libraries at whatever point she had the shot and perusing till they made her leave – more often than not by tossing her book out the entryway so she was compelled to take after. Katherine lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her better half and four crazy felines of fate and annihilation.

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