Les Stroud Announces Winner of Survivorman Competition

Joseph McConnell from Monroe, New York, is going to perceive what it resembles to wind up Survivorman. Survivorman Les Stroud chose McConnell from a several candidates inspired by going with the maker of survival television into the wild. Together, Stroud and McConnell will film on area in Ontario, Canada, with no sustenance, no water, no asylum and no camera team.

As the star of OLN Canada, the Science Station U.S. what’s more, Revelation Channel’s survival appear, Survivorman, Stroud can separate himself from pretty much any desperate circumstance: he’s made due in a pontoon adrift and battled off the bone chilling icy, and the sky is the limit from there, logging a half-million miles trekking over the world simultaneously. Presently, he’ll be going up against an accomplice.

McConnell, who is a long-term fanatic of Survivorman, said he’s energized in regards to the open door, yet apprehensive – especially with regards to bears. “I’ve been in the nearness of bears some time recently, yet despite everything it makes me anxious,” said McConnell, who has worked in the film/Broadcast business for as long as decade. “They’re so solid and effective, keeping in mind they are tender in the event that you don’t caution them, it’s still unnerving.”

McConnell was picked by Stroud on account of the five-minute video he submitted, clarifying why he is the correct accomplice for Stroud in the wild. In the video, he discussed his involvement with shooting and the outside. He added that he was interested in abandoning nourishment for a day or two. “I would eat grubs and ants and irregular stuff on the off chance that I needed to,” he said. He likewise shared a video he made of himself climbing in the Swiss Alps. In the recording, he gets got in the rain and snow, and makes a convincing showing with regards to of portraying what he’s reasoning and seeing as he proceeds on the trail, while additionally catching flawless scene sees.

“Joe demonstrated to me, through his video, that he can describe, shoot and investigate nature,” said Stroud. “It’s difficult to realize what lies ahead in our adventure into the wild, yet I’m anticipating having an accomplice in survival.”

McConnell said he’s most energized for the obscure of the enterprise. “The shock of what will happen – the secret of not realizing what will happen, is grasping,” he said. He added that he will likely drench up as much learning as he can. “I’m not a total learner, but rather I have a long way to go,” he said.

McConnell said he’ll get ready for the open air trip by doing day by day yoga, going on various climbs and eating crude nourishment. At the point when asked what he would pick in the event that he could just take three things along, he said he’d bring a multi-instrument, a flask that channels water and a book of waterproof matches.

McConnell said that when he discovered he won the opposition, he called his sibling – additionally a major fanatic of the show- – and his mom. He said his mother is anxious for him. His dad, Joseph, for whom he’s named, passed away in the wake of doing combating tumor lately, thus his mom is particularly defensive of the family.

“In the event that my dad were here, he’d shout and after that say, ‘Put it all on the line, that is astonishing!’ He would be alongside me 100 percent,” said McConnell.

Known as the first classification maker of “Survival television,” Survivorman is one of the most noteworthy appraised appears ever, the Science Station U.S. also, Disclosure Station U.S., and remains the most astounding appraised rehash appear on the Revelation Channel. Survivorman is authorized for communicate around the world, with appraisals in the U.S. hitting 2 million on individual scenes.

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About Les Stroud

Les Stroud is a survival master, producer, author, vocalist lyricist, speaker and entertainer. Best known for delivering, coordinating, making, and featuring in Disclosure Channel’s Survivorman, he’s the main maker to devise a universally communicated arrangement completely composed, recorded and facilitated solo.

The hit television arrangement is one of the most noteworthy evaluated appears ever, the Science Station U.S. also, Revelation Channel U.S. Stroud is additionally a top of the line creator and performer. He has composed three survival-driven books, including Will to Live, and delivered three collections. A prestigious protectionist and dissident for the earth, Stroud lives in Northern Ontario. Tail him on Twitter at @reallesstroud, Facebook at thereallesstroud, Instagram at reallesstroud, YouTube at lesstroud and Pinterest, reallesstroud.

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