Todd & Marlon and THE SUMMIT Collaboration

Extravagance watchmaker Todd & Marlon is glad to include THE SUMMIT in the following publicizing effort motivated by the easy class and sentiment of the past. The crusade will be shot in Los Angeles, California in conjunction with the creation of THE SUMMIT’s front of SMOOTH by Santana and Loot Thomas. This extremely energizing turning point additionally expands on the beforehand declared cooperation between Todd & Marlon and the Senior member Martin Family Trust to build up a work of art and selective timepiece.

“THE SUMMIT reinterprets the easy polish of the past contemporarily and this is the motivation behind why we have picked them to speak to the Todd & Marlon mark,” says Vincenzo Carrara, President, Todd & Marlon LLC. The artists have four unique styles that amicably converge into a sense-arousing song and pleasantly coordinate Todd & Marlon timepiece variations. Brad is great and strange like the COSMO variation, Vincent is masterful and energetic as Magma, CJ is huge hearted and Italian dependent like ROSE, and Antoine is the most modern as ABISSO.

“Todd & Marlon’s timepieces with their great soul and present day advancement are the ideal allies for THE SUMMIT,” says Brad of THE SUMMIT. In the new battle, every one of the four artists will speak to a particular variation of #YOURTIME gathering.

Todd & Marlon timepieces are accessible on the organization internet business website and at different elite retail accomplices over the globe.

About Todd & Marlon

Built up in New York in 2015, Todd & Marlon LLC is about extravagance basics. Todd & Marlon use old craftsmanship to make present day bits of workmanship; being Italians they acknowledge magnificence and have a natural feeling of style and their Swiss legacy drives exactness and regard for points of interest in every one of their manifestations. Their first accumulation of extravagance timepieces has been granted the A’Design Grant in 2016.

About The Summit

The Summit is a music gathering of four artists, combining today’s pop stable with the Rodent Pack’s vintage style. Their great appeal, present day suits, and novel sound separates this gathering from whatever other. For more data visit or tail them on all web-based social networking stages at @WeAreTheSummit.

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