Outer Vision NYC Moves to Heart of Elite Manhattan Shopping District

External Vision – the incredibly famous specially designed eyewear boutique – relocates to a notable Manhattan area.

Phyllis Lubarsky, President and Chief of External Vision, the worldwide go-to boutique for custom eyewear, reports that she has moved her base camp to the fourth Floor of 57 West 57th Road in New York City.

As indicated by Lubarsky, “this area is ideal for our recognizing customer base that require unparalleled quality and administration to express their own style.”

The 57 West 57th Road – otherwise called 1400 Road of the Americas – is arranged in the heart of Manhattan’s most marvelous shopping zone, near stores, for example, Bergdorf Goodman, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s, and Bulgari. The area is just two pieces from Focal Stop.

Lubarsky proceeds with, “The legacy and esteem of 57 West 57th Road splendidly mirrors our client profiles, longings and requirements.” After more than 38 years in the upscale business of individual expression, visual plan and cutting edge creation, Phyllis feels comfortable in this Craftsmanship Deco Building.

External Vision was built up in 1978 to take care of the developing demand for individual style in eyewear. External Vision gives a perceiving worldwide customer base with unmatched eyeglass customization benefits, all with the most present day plans upheld by the most recent innovation.

For more data on External Vision, please visit or contact Katerina Caterisano; Telephone 212-431-4675 Email:

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