Raw Arts Festival – Valencia 2006

ENT, UK, December 19, 2005 – October 2006 sees the third Crude Expressions Celebration go to Valencia, Spain. At the very heart of this Celebration are new and energizing joint efforts with the NY Expressions Magazine and the Shading Elefante Exhibition in Valencia, Spain. Crude or ‘Outcast craftsmanship’ incorporates Society/Natural/Underestimated/Self-trained/Visionary workmanship. The past two Crude Expressions Celebrations in London were very fruitful. The initially pulled in more than 65 specialists from 9 distinct nations. The second pulled in more than 95 specialists from 12 unique nations. They were referenced as being “London’s biggest and best Universal presentation of self-educated workmanship mounted to date” by the New York Expressions Magazine.

The fundamental destinations of the Crude Expressions Celebration are:

? To demonstrate that a wide range of individuals are equipped for delivering really awesome workmanship

? To bring a wide range of individuals together to praise our basic mankind.

What’s more, the 2006 Celebration looks for:

? To highlight craftsmen that regard and appreciate Spanish culture

? To demonstrate that numerous celebrated Spanish craftsmen have been impacted by crude craftsmanship

? To compliment the Valencia Biennal

? To demonstrate that the crude craftsmanship development is turning out to be progressively global

The accompanying craftsmen and associations have effectively reserved a space:

Name of craftsman (Surnames recorded in order)

Dover Abrams (U.S.A)

Jack Angelo (U.K)

Jenik (U.S.A)

Akiko Kitami (U.S.A)

Sue Kreitzman (U.K)

Ewan McDougall (New Zealand)

Docks Midwinter (U.K)

Franco Meloni (Italy)

Renate Seffer (Fantastic Cayman)

Maureen Simpson (South Africa)

Karin Van Der Plas (U.K)

Associations included

Imbuement Display (USA)

Crude Workmanship Connect (UK)

As should be obvious, a hefty portion of these craftsmen are both surely understood and exceedingly gifted specialists. Besides these craftsmen originate from everywhere throughout the world. The 2006 Celebration will turn into “Spain’s first ‘non-standard’ craftsmanship celebration”. The celebration site was set up in October 2005. From that point forward, the celebration has rapidly turned out to be half-reserved.

The Celebration will be held at the Shading Elefante Exhibition. The maker and chief of the Crude Expressions Celebrations, Wharfs Midwinter trusts that holding the Crude Expressions Celebration in Valencia will give displaying members a stage whereupon they can look for customized global press scope. There is a restricted measure of space and all things considered, a sum of around 25 craftsman’s works will be displayed. This years celebration will along these lines concentrate on the substance of Crude Craftsmanship. Specialists are encouraged to apply ahead of schedule keeping in mind the end goal to secure a place. For more data, please visit:

Wharfs Midwinter is a craftsman, maker and executive of Crude Workmanship Connect ( and each of the three Crude Expressions Celebration (, and

The celebration will be interested in the overall population: 2-28th October 2006, 10-6 p.m.

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