American Health Council Names Dr. Susan B Stillwell, DNP, RN, CNE, ANEF, FAAN to Nursing Board

Dr. Susan B Stillwell, DNP, Relate Dignitary for Graduate Training at the College of Portland, School of Nursing, has been chosen to join the Nursing Board at the American Wellbeing Committee. She will share her insight and ability in Proof Based Work on, Nursing, Nursing Instruction, Educational programs and Program Improvement, and Nursing Training Exploration.

Dr. Stillwell has been dynamic in the social insurance industry throughout the previous 44 years. She earned her Four year certification in scientific studies degree in Nursing from the School of Holy person Teresa in 1972, her Lord of Science in Nursing from the College of Florida in 1982, her Post-Ace’s Endorsement in Confirmation based Practice from Arizona State College in 2007, and her Specialist of Nursing Practice from Samford College in 2009.

Dr. Stillwell’s everyday duties incorporate organization of the Specialist of Nursing and Ace of Science degree programs inside the College of Portland School of Nursing. She has been perceived for her expert achievements by the American Institute of Nursing, National Class for Nursing, and American Relationship of Universities of Nursing.

Dr. Stillwell credits her prosperity to her enthusiasm for enhancing patient, supplier, and authoritative results and to her tutors in social insurance and advanced education. She is glad for her work in propelling confirmation based practice in schools of nursing and social insurance associations. Her long haul objectives incorporate proceeding with her own and expert development, making graduate projects to address the issues of our changing human services framework, and proceeding with the headway of proof based practice in medicinal services keeping in mind the end goal to elevate best practices to enhance supplier and authoritative results.

Dr. Stillwell is notable for making the Attendant Instructor Prove Based Practice mentorship program and is exceedingly respected for her brilliance in educating, aptitude in proof based practice, and dispersal of work in associate surveyed productions. She works with the Fortune Portland Therapeutic Establishment’s Awards Audit Board of trustees to give administration to propel nursing and nursing instruction. Her expert honors and respects include: Individual, American Institute of Nursing; Individual, Foundation of Nursing Instruction, National Alliance for Nursing; Grant of Educating and Learning Incredibleness Grant, American Relationship of Schools of Nursing; Ladies Researchers Activity: John R. Raymon Tutor Grant, Therapeutic College of South Carolina; Ida V. Moffet Living Legacy Grant, School of Nursing Samford College; Bravery to Care Grant, School of Nursing Samford College; Year of the Attendant Honor: Nursing Training, Walk of Dimes; and Recognized Workforce Grant, Arizona State College School of Nursing Graduated class Affiliation.

In her spare time, Dr. Stillwell appreciates golf, travel, and open talking engagements.

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