Dr. Richard S. Pergolizzi Jr. to be Featured in Upcoming Book: “Top Doctors: Experts in Medicine”

Dr. Richard S. Pergolizzi Jr., a doctor with HealthQare Partners, will be highlighted in the up and coming book “Best Specialists: Specialists in Medication.” The book uncovers the goals and triumphs that unmistakable Overall Registry individuals have made to pick up progress. Chosen from more than 400,000 administrators, experts and business visionaries, these commendable pioneers remain at the highest point of their fields by having one of a kind ordeal and insight, at the same time displaying development in their work.

With over 16 years of aptitude in Interventional Neuroradiology and Neurointerventional Surgery, Dr. Richard S. Pergolizzi Jr. is viewed as a pioneer in the field. Dissimilar to conventional treatment arranges, he approaches Neurovascular pathology, for example, Intracranial Aneurysms with the utilization of endovascular systems, giving treatment using catheters and live picture direction. He centers his practice around intercessions of the cerebrum, head and neck and spine, and is one of only a handful few in his field that right now gives some of these administrations in the outpatient setting. By moving the execution of a large number of these techniques out of the doctor’s facility setting, Dr. Pergolizzi can give productive care at an abnormal state while bearing his patients more solace and comfort and essentially decreasing expenses to the social insurance framework. Dr. Pergolizzi works with patients one-on-one so he may appropriately recognize and finding conditions and set up a treatment arrange particular to their requirements. He utilizes picture guided systems to play out an assortment of methods to give torment alleviation to patients experiencing scatters of the spine, including nerve root and spinal line pressure disorders and degenerative spine issue. For his commendable work over almost two decades, Dr. Pergolizzi has been named “Merciful Specialist” by Vitals and he has been the beneficiary of two patient’s decision grants. Additionally, he was recorded among the main 10 experts in the metro territory. He has additionally been voted a “Top Specialist” in “Washingtonian” and “Northern Virginia” magazines for as far back as quite a while.

Dr. Pergolizzi got his therapeutic degree from Northeastern Colleges School of Solution in 1993 and went ahead to finish a Symptomatic Radiology residency at the College of Cincinnati. From that point, he put in three years in partnership subspecialty preparing in Symptomatic Neuroradiology, Interventional Neuroradiology and NeuroInterventional surgery at the Brigham and Ladies’ Healing center and the Massachusetts General Doctor’s facility. While there, he was chosen as a NIH investigate individual and took part in cutting edge look into and clinical work utilizing their model intraoperative X-ray framework. Dr. Pergolizzi credits his training as the main thrust behind his prosperity. He additionally ascribes his prosperity to his inclusion in his expert group. He is a senior individual from the American Culture of Neuroradiology, a senior individual from the General public of NeuroInterventional Surgery and an individual from the American School of Radiology, among numerous others.

In the years to come, Dr. Pergolizzi means to build up a one of a kind detached neurovascular focus. For more data, please visit and

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