The Immortality Of Reincarnation – Multi-Award Winning Author Dana Lyons Uses Reincarnation As Basis Of Engaging Plot For Paranormal Novel, ‘A Love Reborn’

Dr. Jim Tucker as of late made the stunning case that our souls can live on after death. In Dr. Tucker’s book, ‘Life After Life: A Logical Examination of Kids’ Recollections of Past Lives’, he uncovers what he gained from 15 years of meetings with 2,500 youngsters who indicated proof of information of earlier lifetimes. The confidence in rebirth has been with us quite a while, is still generally viewed as genuine in Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism. The Catholic Church held resurrection as valid until the Board of Nicaea in 325 Advertisement when Church principles were institutionalized and all references to rebirth were expelled. Indeed, even quantum physicists have logical discoveries to bolster the hypothesis of resurrection.

Addressing NPR, Dr. Tucker stated: “Some driving researchers previously, similar to Max Planck, who’s the father of quantum hypothesis, said that he saw awareness as major and that matter was gotten from it. … all things considered, it would imply that cognizance would not really be reliant on a physical cerebrum with a specific end goal to survive, and could proceed after the physical mind and the body passes on.”

In ‘An Affection Renewed’, paleologist Phoenix Donovan laughs at the strange notices given to her by a psychic amid a tarot card perusing. In any case, the expressions of the psychic start to seem to be accurate when she gets an envelope set apart with the Plume of Maat, and a visit from Egyptian national, Asa Ducaine. With the offer of work of a lifetime, Phoenix goes to an antiquated, unblemished site close Egypt that goes back to 8,000 B.C.E. What is she doing here? Why does everything appear to be so well known? Why is she anxious? Following ten days in a state of extreme lethargy, Max Parrish stirs with recollections of a past life and a lady he needs to discover at all cost. Driven ridiculous to the sands of northern Africa, he encounters an affection he couldn’t have envisioned, alongside a dull and destructive enchantment that could devastate more than simply their lives.

Are renewed opportunities conceivable?

“Resurrection is the at last eternality,” Lyons expressed. “In my book, ‘An Affection Renewed’, excavator Phoenix Donovan investigates an antiquated site that was her home in a long-prior incarnation. Different players from that lifetime gradually show up: a significant other, a killer, and a book of force. Given a definitive ‘do-over’, Phoenix again confronts a risk that finished her life once some time recently.”

Dana Lyons makes stories nobody else could compose. Her books highlight resurrected sweethearts, time traveling souls, and an epic fight against old powers and outsider strengths. Every last bit of her books are quick paced, drawing in and edifying, written in contemporary time with current components and in addition scenes from the antiquated past. She takes her perusers to universes both old and contemporary for undertakings of the heart, psyche, and soul.

Dana Lyons’ books have gotten rave surveys posted on line. Commentators have stated: “Dana Lyons has the surprising capacity of having the capacity to make courageous women who are savvy, attractive, cheeky and confounded all in the meantime!”

“The quick character improvement and story line left me not able to put it down.”,

“Magnificent tension. Makes you think about whether it could truly happen.”

“The way this writer composes, the words outwardly play out in your mind like a motion picture, so to see it on the extra large screen would be great.”

Dana has been named as a victor in the 2016 ’50 Incredible Scholars You Ought to Peruse’ Book Grants. Her distinctions came subsequently of her appearance on The Creators Appear. She was picked as one of the best from countless through an open voting process. She was beforehand a victor in the 2015 ’50 Incredible Scholars You Ought to Peruse’ Grants.

Her group of work incorporates:

‘An Affection Renewed’, a present day paranormal thriller about antiquated love, enchantment, and double-crossing.

‘The Street to Babylon’, an epic paranormal thriller rotating around a prediction so antiquated the world had long overlooked it, and a power so mystery, even its owner was ignorant of it.

‘Heart of the Druae’, a paranormal sentiment that relates the story of paleologist Eric Beck. On an unexplored slope close Stonehenge, something calls to him. Somebody calls to him. Furthermore, upon the arrival of the late spring solstice, his whole presence is going to change …

‘The Rosetta Coin’, another epic paranormal thriller itemizing the account of an antique many have passed on for and an experience that could change the world.

Dana Lyons is accessible for media meets and can be achieved utilizing the data beneath or by email at The greater part of Dana’s books are accessible at Amazon and other online retail outlets. More data is accessible at her site at

Dana Lyons lives in the mountains of western North Carolina. She has been composing since 2002.

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