Dovetail Brewery and Artisanal Imports Announce Sales Partnership

Dovetail Bottling works (1800 W. Dame Plaine, Chicago; has set up a business organization with Distinctive Imports (, an exceedingly regarded merchant of the most very acclaimed, globally grant winning drinks from around the globe. High quality Imports is situated in Austin, Texas.

Presently, Dovetail lager is sold in the bottling works’ tavern and sold discount by the barrel to bars and eateries close to the distillery, situated in what has turned out to be known as Chicago’s Ravenswood Brewery Hall. Dovetail will keep on self disperse in Chicago. The new deals activity, which starts in April 2017, empowers the bottling works to grow its nearness in the more prominent Chicagoland zone and later, into other territorial and national markets.

Dovetail has effectively manufactured an amazing national notoriety for its master mixes. Lager Advocate named the bottling works one of the 34 Best New Distilleries – out of 861- – that opened in the Unified States in 2016. In Spring, Dovetail was voted one of the Main Five Best New Bottling works in the Assembled States in USA TODAY 10Best’s “Best New Distillery” challenge.

“We got into this business to make awesome lager and we’ve had some extremely pleasant beginning achievement. Now, we feel it’s an ideal opportunity to convey on a committed deals compel to give us a chance to concentrate on what we specialize in,” said Hagen Dost, proprietor/brewer.

When Dost and proprietor/brewer Charge Wesselink chose the time had come to bring on a business group, banding together with High quality Imports was an easy decision – a kinship between the two organizations had as of now been preparing. “Adam and Seth (neighborhood deals delegates for High quality Imports) have been regulars in the pub since we opened,” said Dost, “and on the grounds that they’re all around regarded in the business, we like them as individuals, and they like what we do, we chose to investigate an association with them.”

Essentially, High quality Imports felt Dovetail Distillery was a characteristic expansion to their lager family. In the recent years, the organization extended their portfolio to incorporate a few built up German and Bavarian bottling works, so fusing a local maker that spoke to those customary styles extremely well was an easy decision. “We want to convey new refreshment encounters to the market and simply like some of our import brands we feel the Dovetail lagers have a place in the market and should be delighted in,” said Sean Meadow, VP of Offers at High quality Imports. “What is great about the Dovetail lagers is that they display a profundity of flavor and subtlety that by and large take a long time, or even eras to refine, yet they have possessed the capacity to achieve that level of multifaceted nature in a generally brief period.” notwithstanding sharing a comparative taste in lagers, “we share [Dovetail’s] vision of down to earth and capable development,” said Meadow.

While the organization is as of now getting request about Dovetail lager from all sides of the nation, Distinctive Imports is concentrating on mindful venture into territorial markets to guarantee they are doing what is best for the quality and consistency of the brew. The prompt objective is to construct the brand locally and extend out as generation permits. In the close term they will concentrate vigorously on deals in Chicago to keep up a practical dissemination range. The Chicago rural areas will take after and afterward a chosen few metropolitan regions in the adjacent locale.

About Dovetail Bottling works

Dovetail Bottling works, situated at 1800 W. Looker Plaine in Chicago, Illinois, is a specialty distillery possessed by ace brewers Hagen Dost and Charge Wesselink, gaining practical experience in heavenly, adjusted lagers blended utilizing conventional German and Belgian fermenting techniques. Signature brews incorporate unfiltered German-style ales, customary Hefeweizen, Rauchbier and Lambic-style harsh lagers. Dovetail Bottling works likewise delivers an assortment of unique regular lagers.

Pub hours are: Tuesday-2 pm – 10 pm; Wednesday-2 pm – 10 pm; Thursday-2 pm – 10 pm; Friday-12 pm – 11 pm; Saturday-11 am – 11 pm; Sunday-10 am – 8 pm.

The 22,000-square foot blending office incorporates an appealing pub that is interested in the general population for drinking and retail deals. The tavern is likewise accessible as a rental space for private occasions.

Dovetail Distillery conveys lager by the barrel to settings close to the bottling works and furthermore to some choose scenes nearer to the Circle. All bars, bars and eateries in the more prominent Chicagoland range that desire to serve Dovetail lager on tap are welcome to get barrels, in two sizes, at the distillery amid typical business hours.

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For more data about Dovetail Bottling works, please visit the distillery’s site at, their newsroom at or contact Charge Wesselink or Hagen Dost by email. For data about advancements and private occasions, please contact Adrianne Dost. For extra data, call 773-683-1414.

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About High quality Imports

High quality Imports was established in 2001 as a merchant of claim to fame created drinks from around the globe. The High quality Imports’ attention is on brand improvement and claim to fame refreshment advertising. High quality offers its reality class arrangement of items in 47 States. The objective of Distinctive Imports is to determinedly work in organization with their providers and merchants to build up its brands in the most ideal approach to boost development and set up long haul mark value. The Distinctive Imports deals group gives coordinate wholesaler administration and in addition basic direct market contact and deals bolster. The Distinctive Imports deals staff comprises of an assorted gathering of learned and regarded deals delegates that are enter resources in building brands locally and territorially through direct market exercises in the conveyance and retail channels. Distinctive Imports arrangement of items speaks to the absolute most very acclaimed, universally grant winning drinks from around the globe. It is our organization mission to search out the best and most intriguing items from around the globe and to give remarkable drink encounters to the US showcase. The High quality proprietorship bunch has been pioneers in the claim to fame import business for a long time and is focused on proceeding with that mission.

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