Announcing Daraja Imports, Fair Trade Artisan Jewelry and Goods from Africa

Daraja implies connect in Swahili, and we take pride in conquering any hindrance between the US advertise and 200 artisans in gatherings we have joined forces with in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Malawi, Zambia, Swaziland and South Africa. These gatherings give reasonable and agreeable work to those in troublesome circumstances, for example, those stranded or widowed by ailment or genocide, or the individuals who live in country territories where work is elusive. The greater part of our merchandise are constantly Reasonable Exchange, Neighborhood, and Economically Sourced.

Surprisingly in the Unified States, these one of a kind and socially capable products are accessible for procurement. Our excellent and exceptional specialties incorporate everything from hoop, arm ornaments, pieces of jewelry, anklets, to cook’s garments, shoes, toys, and even luxurious and point by point Zulu wire wicker bin. Look at our broad carefully assembled gems accumulations, each with a dazzling outline component of its own: Safari Chic, Bramble Dot, Swazi, Zulu Grass, Paper Dot, Earth and Water, and the Strengthening Gathering. A genuine adornments highlight is the Kili-Mwanza Waterfall Jewelry and the Kili-Dar Tie Neckband. These encompass the neck and after that course into a glint of shading simply like a waterfall, speaking to a combination of customary artistic expression and innovative contemporary astounding plans.

Wouldn’t it be pleasant to see the general population you are aiding by purchasing Reasonable Exchange? A hefty portion of our items come marked by the African artisans themselves. We are not a faceless, icy organization, but rather a little, mindful one who chips away at an individual level utilizing reasonable exchange connections. We have an individual, shared, and broad association with a hefty portion of the item makers in keeping the greater part of the estimations of Daraja Imports at the front line. Many individuals have trusts and dreams, and together we are helping the devastated understand theirs.

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