Benergy, a Health App on Indiegogo

Benergy is a portable application intended to help the client construct a more advantageous and more vigorous routine in view of 6 wellbeing columns: nourishment, work out, rest, entrails, brain and condition. It will be propelled in English and Spanish in Walk 2017, by the Catalan startup PlayBenefit. It will be at first accessible for iOS and in May likewise for Android.

The PlayBenefit group is set out on a crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo keeping in mind the end goal to make Benergy available for more individuals around the globe. The battle is on:

How can it function?

Benergy utilizes gamification, which implies: diversion standards connected to wellbeing and prosperity. The Benergy client will take after his/her own particular voyage brimming with data as recordings, sounds and funnies with difficulties that must be overcome to accomplish new difficulties that lead him/her further. Also Benergy considers the inclinations and specific circumstances of each of us; the application will give you bits of particular data for specific minutes in life, as arrangement for a test or pregnancy. The clients can screen their general wellbeing status and in this way see their every day improvement, which will furnish them with inspiration and engagement.

Benergy, in any case, is not only an amusement but rather it is likewise intended to make genuine change in conduct with deductively demonstrated data. It is made by a group of experts prepared in different claims to fame, for example, nursing and nourishment, and by an imaginative group of architects. As you see, PlayBenefit has an inspired group however require all the more showcasing assets to grow their method for taking a gander at wellbeing and the route in which Benergy can help clients.

The target of the application is to achieve American and European markets in the following 12 months. Benergy offers 10 stages accessible for nothing and numerous progressively that will be accessible with membership. With this battle of crowdfunding, the”early feathered creatures” will have a half off in the memberships, and can gain delightful results of promoting. Or, then again far better: they can turn into a character from the application! Clients can work together with qualities positioning from US $5 to US $1,000.00, and will share the battle in every single informal organization.

PlayBenefit – the startup which associates wellbeing and gamification

The group behind Benergy and the crowdfunding effort is PlayBenefit, a startup with two branches of business: making applications/computerized items and consultancy. Established by Anna Sort in 2014 – a medical attendant and gamer – and Jordi Mu�oz – experiential showcasing authority with broad involvement in the varying media area.

Before Playbenefit, Anna, who is an attendant, however has dependably been occupied with the universe of videogames, had made an extra for Universe of Warcraft players with diabetes, which got the consideration of the Stanford Therapeutic School (USA).

She has likewise been one of the 10 authors of Ladies in Wellbeing IT, a spearheading activity in Europe: a group of ladies in the business of computerized wellbeing, made by HIMSS, the principle association of the division on the planet.

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