Open Call for Young Adult Short Story Submissions

BHC Squeeze welcomes scholars of Youthful Grown-up (YA) fiction to present their sensible high schooler fiction short stories for its up and coming On the Edge of Tomorrow YA compilation gathering.

We’re searching for stories that arrangement with genuine teenager issues of today. Reach down profound, and haul out crude, confused, and untidy stories of life. Amaze us with your bits of knowledge. Break our hearts or make us chuckle through the tears. Shallow or profound, narrow minded or cherishing, make characters with genuine defects and give us motivation to love or loathe them. Whatever anxiety powers your inventive flames, we need to peruse about it.

All short stories ought to be at least 1,500 words and a greatest of 7,500 words. For an entire rundown of rules, including original copy accommodation rules, please visit and tap on 2017 Treasury Entries.

Widely praised YA creators Sara Daniell and Tracy Hewitt Meyer are altering the treasury accumulation. Ms. Daniell is a top of the line creator of six books, and Ms. Meyer is the creator of four books, including the honor winning Rowan Slone arrangement.

A day ago for entries is April 30, 2017. Speculative production date is June 30, 2017. A segment of all returns advantage RIF (Perusing is Principal). On the Edge of Tomorrow will be accessible in hardcover, exchange softcover, book recording, and digital book. Every single chose creator get their decision of one hardcover version or two exchange softcover duplicates of the treasury.

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