New Service Launches Allowing Users To Send Mail Directly From Their Computer

As per the Unified States Postal Administration, USPS conveyed roughly 154.2 billion bits of mail in 2015 alone. While Americans still love to send letters, the procedure is tedious and wasteful. PDF Snail Mail has made a quicker, less demanding, and more effective approach to send a letter: from your PC.

PDF Snail Mail evacuates the requirement for stamps, envelopes, or going by the mail station and replaces it with a simple to utilize web interface. Whether you’re sending an allow to your neighborhood allow office or a sincere letter to a faraway adored one, PDF Snail Mail makes the sending procedure simple. To send a letter visit Straightforward guidelines walk you through three basic strides: transferring a PDF, entering the recipient, and paying for the postage. Sending the letter takes 30 seconds and costs 3 dollars. Never scan for a stamp or lick an envelope again.

The improvement group hopes to offer propelled administrations for business inside the year.

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